More rave reviews for Total Chaos!

Below, new rave reviews for Total Chaos: The Story of The Stooges/As Told by Iggy Pop, from Record Collector (Five Stars!), Men’s Journal (a Book of the Year!), Daily Beast and more.

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Men’s Journal – Best books of 2016 list

Daily Beast – the performer best known for his crazed on-stage persona offers up a measured and self-aware analysis of his career…The Iggy Pop that emerges from his own recollections is full of piss and vinegar, acidulated anecdotes, a lot of humor and an impressive grasp of musical history.

Tidal – A massive, all-encompassing oral history of the Stooges, in all its gore and glory.

Detroit Free Press – A fittingly freewheeling, often debauched recounting of the Stooges’ fiery rise and flameout…A must-have for fans of the late, great Michigan band.

Rock and Folk (France) – A magnificent volume

The Big Takeover – This is as close as most of us will come to hearing the tale of one of America’s greatest bands from the horse’s mouth….by the end of this intensely readable tale, you respect Iggy and the Stooges in a deeper light, amazed and thankful that were able to achieve whatever they did despite complete indifference from the industry and their own failings (which, as he accounts, were legion). The Stooges only released a few albums in their heyday, but they changed the world. Read Total Chaos to find out how.

New Noise Magazine – An incredible and deeply honest account of Pop

Sorry State Records – [Total chaos] has the casual tone of the Please Kill Me school of oral history books, but much more depth.